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From Vancouver & Calgary: Sara Bynoe & Buck Assembled Artists

Bad Grad

A Teen Angst Poetry Celebration for Adults

Bad Grad
Photos: Hanan Chebib

January 21

At the Big Secret Theatre

Come on everybody, let’s mope in the bedroom together!

When she founded TeenAngstPoetry.com in 2000, Sara Bynoe became the patron saint of every adolescent girl with a broken heart, an awkward sense of metaphor, and too much free time on the family Dell. You probably already know the genre’s great themes: I Am Alone, No One Understands My Pain, I Will Never Love Again, Fuck You, Go To Hell, and Life Sucks. In this cabaret version, Bad Grad is the tortured sub-theme, and will include emerging co-sufferers from Calgary’s Buck Assembled Artists.

  1. Adapted for the stage by Shannon Leahy
  2. Directed by AJ Demers
  3. Additional text by Eugene Stickland and Shannon Leahy
  4. Featuring: Sara Bynoe and the Buck Assembled Artists
  5. Core Posse: James Dangerous, Shannon Leahy, Beverley Rice, Julia Rigaux, Jennifer Roberts, Chris Rundle, Ben Charland, Rick Duthie, Linnea Johnson & Eugene Stickland

Website: Sara Bynoe