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From Montreal: The Bell Orchestre

In Concert

Bell Orchestre
Photo: Bell Orchestre

January 6 - 7

At the Vertigo Playhouse

Their last Calgary appearance was just a taste. This is the banquet.

Hip city music fans knew they were going to like Arcade Fire at their recent U of C performance. But they weren’t necessarily prepared to be blown away by the opening act, Bell Orchestre. In fact, both groups are key exponents of the exploding Montreal music scene, and even share personnel. But Bell Orchestre’s music is not your everyday pop. It’s a captivating hybrid of post-punk art rock, avant-garde chamber music and cerebral electronica. This full-length concert promises to be a rare treat.

The Bell Orchestre are:

  1. Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire) on Upright Bass/Keyboard/Percussion
  2. Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire) on Violin
  3. Stefan Schneider (IKS) on Drums/Percussion
  4. Pietro Amato (Torngat) on French Horn/Electronics
  5. Kaveh Nabatian on Trumpet/Melodica

Website: The Bell Orchestre