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From Vancouver: Carolyn Mark

Legendary Hootenanny

Carolyn Mark

January 18

At the Big Secret Theatre

Never underestimate the power of a madwoman with a guitar, a sense of humor, and 12 disciples.

Raised on a dairy farm in Sicamous, Carolyn Mark began her insouciant music career in an all-girl Victoria pop-surf- punk-art-country-rock band called The Vinaigrettes. Since then Mark has established herself as a tireless seeker of the absurd, a woman in perpetual adolescent renaissance, and a Tourette’s sufferer with no governor. Here the scam is a simple one: Organize a dozen disparate, down on their luck souls into a band whose mission is to take over the entire world with music.

Guests will include:

  1. Dave Clark
  2. Brigitte Dajczer
  3. Kris Demeanor
  4. Onalea Gilbertson
  5. Diane Kooch
  6. Keri Latimer
  7. Dan Meichel
  8. Peter Moller
  9. Lester Quitzau
  10. Chantal Vitalis
  11. Rachelle van Zanten

Website: Carolyn Mark