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From Calgary: CUFF & $100 Film Festival


Freaky Faces
Photo: CUFF

January 3 - 29

On the Ledge in Centre Court

Is normal weird? Or is weird normal?

Our bizarre, collaborative, mixed-up group of organizers from both CUFF (Calgary Underground Film Festival) and $100 Film Festival decided to put out an open call for auditions. We roamed the streets of downtown, created a ruckus at the University of Calgary, raided offices, bars and movie theatres, all in order to locate Calgary’s zaniest, strangest and funniest citizens. Their unique skills and abilities were then filmed on a combination of Super 8 and digital video, and later edited down to showcase these human curiosities in a short, looping digital film.

  1. Written & created by: Kari McQueen, Andy Eyck, Brenda Lieberman & Brian Batista of CUFF
  2. Filmmaker: Peter Stinson of $100 FF
  3. Videomakers: Brian Batista & Kari McQueen of CUFF
  4. Produced by: Amy Darling, Nathan Taylor, Peter Stinson & Karie Newman of $100 FF, and the CUFF crew listed above

Website: Calgary Underground Film Festival