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From Lethbridge & Calgary: One Yellow Rabbit

Hoffos/Clarke Conspiracy

Hoffos Clarke Conspiracy
Images: David Hoffos

January 4 - 8

At the Engineered Air Theatre

Outside of the box: One Yellow Rabbit’s house diva gets installed by a master illusionist.

For those unfamiliar with the visual art wizardry of David Hoffos, prepare to be delighted. Hoffos is best known for creating enthralling three-dimensional worlds that seem impressively real to the viewer, yet somehow strange and mysterious. Hoffos’ box of tools includes mirrors, film, video projection, flashing lights and shadows, as well as real objects, both miniature and life-sized. All of this is seamlessly blended to create impressively lifelike yet slightly altered representations of our world.

This year’s Rodeo marks a new challenge for Hoffos, and a treat for us, as Associate Artist and resident choreographer Denise Clarke plunges–literally–into the midst of the artist’s phantasmagorical world.

A woman awakes confused, disoriented, and hung over from the previous night’s party. The event, a theatre opening, was run-of-the-mill enough. But then why do her recollections differ so much from those of her friends? And what about the dirt on her feet and all those pine needles stuck to her clothes?

Together, Clarke and Hoffos conspire to create a new type of show, a hybrid of visual art and theatre, depicting a world both real and unreal, where time flows forward and back. Expect less of a play than a mysterious, life-sized peep show inhabited by a virtuoso physical performer–or is that really even Denise?