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From Calgary: Kirk Miles

Me & Bob & Bob & me

les Deux Mondes
Illustration: Terrence J. Trodden

January 14

At the Big Secret Theatre

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” - Erin Majors

Many a poet has been influenced by legendary prophet and lyricist Bob Dylan, and Kirk Miles is no different. Well, at least in that one tiny respect Kirk is no different. Otherwise, Calgary audiences know to expect the unexpected from this longtime spoken word performer and one of the co-founders of One Yellow Rabbit.

Part homage, part personal poem, Kirk and friends stir up a magical blend of music and voice in a unique retrospective of the icon who made it cool to be a poet.

  1. Kirk Miles - Performer and Creator
  2. Rodney Guitarsplat - Guitar and Mandolin
  3. Vladimir Sobolewski - Bass and Accordion
  4. Tania Sablatash - Vocals
  5. Terrence J. Trodden - Set Design and Graphics
  6. Paul Marshall - Co-writer and Researcher
  7. Special thanks to Michael Green for directorial assistance

Website: The Single Onion