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From Calgary: La Caravan Dance Theatre

The Corridor

La Caravan
Photos: Tony Field

January 5 - 7

At the Vertigo Playhouse

Neither here, nor there. Not up, not down. Not in, not out. Just betwixt and between.

Calgary’s vibrant dance community is accustomed to producing talent from the ground up, so to speak. Considerably rarer is a dance artist who relocates here in mid-flight, bringing a sophisticated, fully-formed esthetic to the city’s dance scene. Such was the case when Tel Aviv- trained dancer and choreographer Maya Lewandowsky moved to Calgary four years ago. Having performed with noted Israeli companies like Bat-Dor and Inbal Pinto, Lewandowsky saw her arrival in the new world as a chance to explore her own creative muse.

So, in 2003, she formed La Caravan Dance Theatre as a vehicle for this post-balletic, multi-dimensional dance art melding influences like the spare avant-gardism of Pina Bausch with the pummeling gymnastics of La La La Human Steps. That refined sensibility is marvellously evident in this, her first feature-length piece, performed by herself and three other dancers. Here Lewandowsky uses the metaphor of the corridor to explore the state of in-between, the silence between musical tones or, as she puts it, “the freeze between movements where dance happens.” Prepare for an extraordinary barrage of sound and image. One Vancouver reviewer called The Corridor “outrageously accessible,” though expressed shock at how it could have originated “in Ralph Klein’s Alberta.” We, however, know better.

Choreographer: Maya Lewandowsky

Costume Designer: Lisa Oehler

Music: Various artists.

Dancers: Maya Lewandowsky, Linnae Bellay, Christie-Joy Cunningham & April Miranda

Administrator: Moordan Trablus

Website: La Caravan