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Family Friendly

From Montreal: Les Deux Mondes

Living Memory

les Deux Mondes

January 10 - 13

At the Vertigo Playhouse

A show for the whole family: poetry and multimedia explore the world of the imagination and the joy of living.

Nearing the end of her life, a hundred-year-old woman calls up memories of her life. It has been a very long time since she was a child, and yet she still seems so young. Perhaps it is because she is already no longer part of this world. Meanwhile, her childhood toys appear around her. Some are gentle and amusing, but others are terrible, like those troubling war toys. These objects revive her joyful memories, but also her disappointments and separations. The story she tells is by turns candid, wise and emotional. Combining poetry and multimedia, Living Memory casts a serene gaze on memory and passing time, reminding us that life is but a game. A very brief game.

“Normand Canac-Marquis has written a poem about the passage of time, fleeting like a speeding train, reminding us that we have to be at the station early if we don’t want to miss the trip.” - La Presse

Founded in 1973, Montreal’s Théatre Les Deux Mondes has gained international renown for its dazzling, often harrowing productions, claiming numerous awards along the way. One Yellow Rabbit is delighted to present the long-awaited return of Les Deux Mondes to Calgary in collaboration with Vertigo Theatre Centre.

Family Friendly

This performance is "Family Friendly" and suitable for audiences of all ages.

By Normand Canac-Marquis and Daniel Meilleur

A production of Les Deux Mondes

  1. Playwright: Normand Canac-Marquis
  2. Translation: Linda Gaboriau (in English), Gilberto Flores Patiño (in Spanish)
  3. Direction and Visual Concept: Daniel Meilleur
  4. Music and Sound Environment: Michel Robidoux
  5. Video and Visual Concept: Yves Dubé
  6. Props: Guy Fortin and Michel Fordin
  7. Costumes: Mireille Vachon
  8. Lighting: André Houle
  9. Stage Crew: Michel Fordin and Benoît Lecours
  10. Assistant Director: Madeleine Philibert
  11. Research and Drama Workshops: Monique Rioux
  12. Actress: Catherine Archambault
  13. Technical Direction: Jason Pomrenski
  14. Sound: Nicolas Blanchard
  15. Lights : Martin Lepage
  16. Video: Marc Ledoux
  17. Stage Crew: Michel Fordin and Marie-Ève Turcotte
  18. Actress: Véronique Marchand

Presented in association with John Lambert & Associates.
(Represented in Canada, Latin America, USA, Asia and Pacific Regions)

Co-presented with the assistance of Y-STAGE at Vertigo Theatre Centre

Website: Les Deux Mondes