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marta marta HoP

January 27 - 28

At the Big Secret Theatre

Krumping is so last year. Get ready for Interactive Digital Urban Ballet.

Who says modern western culture lacks a folk dance tradition? According to Montreal choreographer Martha Carter, you can watch it any night of the week at whatever passes for your local dance club—the place where provocative new fusions of movement, music and media style are constantly emerging.

What Carter does with iDUB is give structure to the tribal music and dancing found at underground raves in a style she has called “house ballet.” Her idea was to bridge the gap between two worlds—that of urban dance and the sort of movement one normally encounters in the theatre. “I’m inspired by the joy and fierceness of club dance,” Carter says. “It made me feel like I wanted to dance, and I can’t remember the last time I felt like that in a dance class.”

Performances vary, but typically begin with the cast— which will incorporate trained movers from the Calgary community—taking turns in a break-dance format, their movements triggering mind-blowing visuals by computer- aided artists jamie griffiths and Robb Lovell. Next, performers move throughout the space and explore a seemingly infinite set of permutations—from flamenco to locking and popping. Finally, the audience is invited to join what turns into a full- on dance party.

Family Friendly

The Saturday matinee performance on January, 28 at 3 PM will be an all-ages event and is "Family Friendly"

Dance Mo'Fo! - iDUB - Closing night party.

Keep that ticket stub - if you attend the 9:30 PM iDUB performance then your admission is FREE to Dance Mo'Fo! the iDUB Dance Party at 11 PM.

This is the final party of the festival.

Website: marta marta HoP

iDUB is produced in collaboration with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and Vancouver’s New Performance Works.