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From the Future: Monster Theatre

The History of The Future

Monster Theatre
Photos: Jamie Northan

January 23 - 25

At the Big Secret Theatre

A World premiere from an award-winning cabal of comic geniuses.

In their brand-new time machine, three cosmic explorers travel to the future in order to answer all of humankind’s burning questions. Jeff discovers what God is really like (and Allah and Buddha and Shiva) and where atheists go when they die. Ryan wages a desperate quest to save the audience from certain death. And Bruce meets some dude named Shatner and winds up as a brain in a jar.

A comedy ripe with irreverence, puppets, songs, aliens, alternate universes and–spoiler alert–smoke machines!

The History of The Future:

  1. Written and performed by Ryan Gladstone, Bruce Horak, Jeff Gladstone
  2. Directed by Mark Chavez
  3. Lighting and Set Design by Geoff Bouckley

Website: Monster Theatre