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From Montreal: Montréal Danse

From Julia to Émile, 1949

Montréal Danse
Photos: Izabel Zimmer

January 15 - 16

At the Vertigo Playhouse

Exceptional dancers taking extraordinary risks: the quintessential Québecois dance company returns to the Rodeo.

Last year Montréal Danse rocked the Rodeo with an astonishingly creative trilogy of movement theatre. What’s more, we’re ashamed to admit, they partied us into the ground after the show. Trust us: after nearly 20 years of relentlessly challenging dance, the company—whose motto is “No limitations, no barriers, never the same”—is still at the height of its powers.

Without ever leaving the set of a bistro in the 1940s, From Julia to Emile uses eight performers to chart the life history of an elderly woman. Mixing dance, theatre, humor and nostalgia, choreographer Estelle Clareton’s universe is one of emotional as well as physical instability. Rocked by an absurd humour, this dance unveils an essentially poetic spirit as the audience encounters the characters that have marked the existence of Julia, and who reappear all together in the same waking dream.

As usual the dancing is strong and clean, the choreography is entertaining and thrilling, the lights and production details are second to none. “This is one of those marvellous collective enterprises which happen only rarely. This is the stuff of meaning in art.”
- The Gazette

Montréal Danse:

  1. Artistic Director: Kathy Casey
  2. Choreography: Estelle Clareton
  3. Dancers: Maryse Carrier, Elinor Fueter, Annik Hamel, Rachel Harris, Benoît Leduc, Frédéric Marier, Peter Trosztmer
  4. Actress: Louisette Dussault
  5. Assistant Director: Marie-Josée Gauthier
  6. Lighting Design: Martin Labrecque
  7. Sound Designer: Jean-Pierre Côté
  8. Music: J.-S. Bach, Sydney Bechet, Alain Goraguer, Arthur H, Billy May, Don Swan, Henri Salvador, Barney Wilen.
  9. ‘Sordid’ and ‘Bridge’ performed by Amon Tobin used courtesy of Ninja Tune all tracks taken from the album ‘Permutation’
  10. Costumes: Annie Gélinas
  11. Technical Director: Lee Anholt
  12. Sound Engineer: Michel-Antoine Castonguay

co-sponsored with the help of Springboard Dance

Co-sponsored with the help of Springboard Dance.

Website: Montréal Danse