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From Calgary and around the world: Bubonic Tourist

Mutton Busting

Mutton Busting

January 3 - 14

At the Big Secret Theatre
and Motel*

This sheep has been sheared– looks more like a horse!

Bubonic Tourist’s fifth annual festival of performance and visual art, Mutton Busting, has certainly grown into an entire barnyard, filled with exotic, obscure, genetically modified creatures. With innovative emerging and renowned interdisciplinary artists from around the globe coalescing during the first two weeks of the Rodeo, this ancillary event will shake the shit from your boots.

Integrated into this year’s MB is a series of audacious works from the rainbow spectrum entitled Department of Soft Architecture, all of which explore the notions of queer, gender and sexual identity. Among the festivals highlights:

Cowgirl Opera - The Three Sisters is a prairie gothic tale that Chekov never could (or would) have envisioned. Awash in raw meat, live face-lifts, and the sweet sounds of the accordion, this funny, tender, and widely-lauded Fringe hit is a shocking high camp opera of the darkest order–could this be the next Black Rider?

Calvin Johnson, founder and head of K records - Olympia, Washington’s premiere uber-hip indie label–and the baritone front-man of Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System, and the Halo Benders, Johnson is a paragon of American indie rock, offering a potent alternative to major-label mush.

Other shows of the festival include Edie Fake: Gaylord Phoenix in the Flower Temple, Orgasm? An Annie Sprinkle Film Fest and the world premiere of 2Boys.tv’s (Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard) Zona Pellucida.

*Motel is a new Bubonic Tourist and One Yellow Rabbit venue across from the Big Secret Theatre in the EPCOR CENTRE.

Poster Images by: Samuel Garrigo Meza, Gale Allen, Genevieve Castreé and Michael Lavine

Curated by Eric Moschopedis

Website: Bubonic Tourist