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From Albuquerque, USA: Pajama Men

Stop Not Going

Pajama Men

January 21 - 22

At the Big Secret Theatre

And for some reason they do it all in their pajamas.

Armed with only their wits and their jam-jams, Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez are one of the world’s most innovative sketch-comedy acts. Here the Albuquerque duo mugs, preens, moans, and whinnies its way through a catalogue of unlikely tales filled with bizarre characters. There’s the overindulgent father whose young daughter falls in love with a monster, a duo of exceedingly salty spinsters, and the aristocrat whose talking horse is out to kill him.

“Sheer hilarity and refreshingly original. They keep their audience in tears.”
- Seattle Weekly

PAJAMA MEN - Created and performed by Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez

Presented by Second City Theatricals