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From across Canada: Peter Moller and Guests

The Shrine of Impossible Love

Peter Moller
Photos: Brigitte von Rothemburg

January 18 - 20

At the Big Secret Theatre

A multi-media performance created by two dynamic, multitalented experimental artists.

Calgarians know Peter Moller as one of the city’s most prolific designers and performers of theatrical soundscapes. Ex-Rheostatic Dave Clark is a percussionist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and poet. Together with an orchestra of interdisciplinary artists, they will interpret some of the music from Moller’s recent CD, The Shrine of Impossible Love, as well as improvise furiously.


Guests include:

  1. Brigitte Dajczer
  2. Kris Demeanor
  3. Onalea Gilbertson
  4. Diane Kooch
  5. Keri Latimer
  6. Carolyn Mark
  7. Dan Meichel
  8. Lester Quitzau
  9. Chantal Vitalis
  10. Rachelle van Zanten
  11. Also showing new film and video works by Richard McDowell and Sandi Somers

Direction and dramaturgy by Eileen Sproule

Website: Peter Moller