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Family Friendly

From Toronto: Red Sky


Sun Spirits

Red Sky

January 26

At the Jack Singer Concert Hall

A Rodeo show that’s suitable for young and old? Go figure.

Established in 2000, Red Sky is a dynamic young company that is playing a pivotal role in shaping Aboriginal contemporary performance forms–as well as charting unexplored cultural links with peoples around the world. This double bill features two outstanding stories that combine theatre, dance and music to create a unique and exciting exposure to the diversity and spirit of First Peoples culture.

Raven Stole The Sun takes a traditional story to new heights. Raven is a fabulous and magical creature of impulse and curiosity. In order to satisfy his overwhelming sense of curiosity, Raven hatches a brilliant idea for stealing the stars, the moon and the sun, and ends up bringing light to the people of the world.

Written by Tomson Highway, Caribou Song is about two Cree children in Canada's north who follow the caribou by dogsled with their family. When a herd of caribou thunders through their camp, the parents worry that the children have been trampled. Instead, the children find a way to magically embrace the spirit of the caribou. This adventure dance story for family audiences is a tale about the transformative nature of love and power of the natural world.

Family Friendly

This performance is "Family Friendly".

Caribou Song:

  1. Story by Tomson Highway
  2. Composer: Rick Sacks
  3. Director: Mark Wilson
  4. Collaborative Choreography: Peter Chin, Sandra Laronde, Carlos Rivera
  5. Costume Design: Andjelija Djuric
  6. Lighting Design: Steve Lucas
  7. Performers: Sandra Laronde, Carlos Rivera
  8. Musicians: Graham Hargrove, Ruben Esguerra, and Jonathan Fisher

Raven Stole the Sun:

  1. Play by: Drew Hayden Taylor
  2. Traditional story recounted by: Shaa Tlaa Maria Williams
  3. Composer: Donald Quan
  4. Director: Robert Faust and Sandra Laronde
  5. Choreography: Carlos Rivera
  6. Performers: Sandra Laronde, Jonathan Fisher and Carlos Rivera
  7. Percussion: Graham Hargrove
  8. Percussion: Ruben Esguerra
  9. Guitar: Jonathan Fisher
  10. Costume Design: Cheryl Lalonde
  11. Lighting Design: Steve Lucas

Website: Red Sky

With generous support from: The Calgary Foundation

Calgary Foundation