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From Toronto: Rheostatics

Rheodeo! Residence

les Deux Mondes
Photos: Six Shooter Records

January 10 - 14

At the Big Secret Theatre

Calling all Green Sprouts: Legends in the house!

In 25 musically turbulent years, the Rheostatics have become Canadian icons, embracing the nation that bore them and reinterpreting its sea-to-shining-sea grandeur in music of startling variety and indisputable beauty. Inspired by such national treasures as the Group of Seven, Stompin’ Tom Connors, rolling prairies, Canada’s national game, les couriers du bois and more, the Rheos have plundered the Canadian mythos to become a kind of bedrock myth themselves. The band has remained fiercely loyal to a unique vision that is entirely dependent upon the alchemical interaction of its members, a trait that distinguishes the Rheostatics from bands of lesser mettle.

“Our modus operandi,” says guitarist Martin Tielli, “is that you can be a complete buffoon one minute and then say something profound the next.”

Thus it is not easy to predict exactly what will occur when the Rheostatics become the Rodeo’s house band, so to speak, during the second week of the festival, reminiscent of their legendary residencies at Toronto’s infamous Horseshoe Tavern. They will perform a different selection from their oeuvre each night, including Whale Music, Melville, Group of Seven, and the recent but already classic 2067. In addition, the evenings will incorporate special guests, readings, performances and assorted surprises.

Family Friendly

The performance of the Rheostatic’s children’s album Harmelodia on Saturday, Jan 14 at 3 PM is certified "Family Friendly" and is suitable for audiences of all ages.

Rheostatics are:

  1. Martin Tielli (guitar)
  2. Tim Vesely (bass)
  3. Dave Bidini (guitar)
  4. Michael Phillip-Wojewoda (drums)

Website: Rheostatics