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From New York: Rufus Cappadocia

Songs for Cello

Rufus Cappadocia
Photo: Rufus Cappadocia

January 28

At the Big Secret Theatre

Hello, cello: a classical instrument like you’ve never heard it before.

Hamilton-born Rufus Cappadocia was introduced to the cello at age three. By six he began classical studies with renowned Czech cellist Zdenick Konicek. But it was as a teen he developed an interest in experimenting with a wider array of musical styles. Nowadays, Cappadocia plays a five- string electric cello of his own design, and works often with a diverse range artists from Odetta to Hugh Marsh to Aretha Franklin, coaxing surprising and delightful sounds from a most unexpected source.


Website: Rufus Cappadocia

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