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From Calgary: Sheri-D Wilson

Adventures of the Trick-Riders:

During The Apocalypse

While Thinking of Jesus

Sheri-D Wilson
Photos: Mihcael Roberts

January 25 - 26

At the Big Secret Theatre

Outlaws. Rawhide. Ecstatic cowgirls. Ranting. A wild west story for modern times.

You already know that Sheri-D is the best bullwhip act in the business. And her sidekick, Laura Parken, though not the most acrobatic horsewoman, really gets a lot out of the simplest trick. Then there’s Martin Guderna, a crack shot , and some kid named Russell Broom who is a wizard with the lariat, though they make him play the guitar. Yup, the Mama of Dada returns with some old, old friends (Parken, Wilson and Guderna all appeared in the first Rodeo) for a little versifyin’ and such.

  1. Written by: Sheri-D Wilson
  2. Performed by: Laura Parken & Sheri-D Wilson
  3. Visuals Live by: Martin Guderna
  4. Video Visuals: Mike Roberts
  5. Music: Russell Broom

Website: Sheri-D Wilson