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Various artists from Calgary, Vancouver & Lethbridge:
Springboard Dance



January 22 - 29

At the Engineered Air Theatre

Sort of like the Biosphere Project, only without all that watering of plants.

Take two stellar inter-disciplinary artists as facilitators. Mix and immerse them with a dozen artists of various disciplines in a sealed glass container for a week. Then present what they create. Rinse and repeat. Don’t miss each week’s crop of performances, titled HydraPonic 1 and 2, taking place on Sunday at the end of each week’s intensive creative process.

HydraPonic 1: Facilitated by choreographer/dancer Joe Laughlin & visual designer jamie griffiths.

HydraPonic 2: Facilitated by writer/performer Denise Clarke & visual artist David Hoffos.

Also experience a round table discussion, Rub Up Against This, which invloves the Interrarium facilitators and is part of the Jaw Music speakers series.

Website: Springboard Dance