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From across Canada • At The Vertigo Playhouse

Bravo!FACTAn afternoon of Canada’s best short films, for the same price as the latest Hollywood schlockbuster.

Since 1995, Bravo!FACT has funded over 1,100 short films, pouring millions of dollars into Canadian filmmaking. This year’s crop of the best and brightest includes a disgruntled, world-hating goldfish, an apocalyptic music recital, a Cree spoken-word rap and a candid hotel-room interview with John Lennon. Acclaimed performer and filmmaker Karen Hines will be on-hand for a darkly hilarious live performance and to introduce her latest offering, My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film. Aspiring filmmakers, stick around after the show for a reception with Bravo!FACT’s Executive Director, Judy Gladstone, to learn how your short film can receive funding.

SHORTS: Aboriginality, Butte, The Canadian Shield, Found Objects, Homecoming, I Have Seen the Future, I Met the Walrus, The Interior Monologue of Gill the Goldfish, My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film, Paradise, Out to Sea (Innsbruck), The Rules: Part 1 and The Sorcerer

Show Information:

Saturday, January 12 at 3:00 PM - Admission: $14

At The Vertigo Playhouse Theatre: 9 Ave. & Centre St. S.E.
(below the Calgary Tower)

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Ticketmaster (403) 299-8888

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Curated by Michael Green

Managing Producer: Stephen Schroeder

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