Kevin McDonald - Hammy and The Kids

From Los angeles, CA • At The Big Secret Theatre

Kevin McDonaldMost of us settle for one dysfunctional family, but Kevin McDonald’s never been one for half-measures.

In his early twenties, Kevin McDonald lived in Toronto with his alcoholic dad, Hammy, who wanted him to become a lawyer – so, of course, he spent his evenings hitting the circuit with his brothers-in-comedy, The Kids in the Hall. Between artistic egos, family tension and the ever-looming bottle… well, you can see how he came up with sketch characters like Dean, the King of Empty Promises.

Peeling back the mask of hilarity (though not too much, because hey, drunk dads are hilarious!), McDonald shares stories of riding the elevator with his claustrophobic mother, the Kids’ rise to cult fame and the slow move out of his house, item by item, so his dad wouldn’t notice. It’s a side-splitting, gut-wrenching thrill ride with one of Canada’s top comics, poignant enough to make Scott Thompson cry – and, to top things off, Kevin stretches his vocal chords in guitar-accompanied musical numbers!

“McDonald’s depictions of completely miserable asshole fathers are so spot on that they could only have come from real life.”
- Midnight Poutine

“Fans of Kids in the Hall will delight in the origin story.”
- Dear Annette

Show Information:

Thursday, January 17 at 9:30 PM - Admission: $25

Friday, January 18 & Saturday, January 19 at 9:30 PM - Admission: $30

Sunday, January 20 at 7:30 PM - Admission: $25

At The Big Secret Theatre: 2nd Floor Centre Court: 225 - 8 Ave. S.E.

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Curated by Michael Green

Managing Producer: Stephen Schroeder

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