Midway - Carnival of the Macabre

From Calgary - Various Artists • In Centre Court

MidwayDuck under the Big Top to feast your eyes and ears on the freaky, creepy and carnivalesque.

Step into the darker side of strange, as the Centre Court is transformed into a high-flying carnival. Chomp on a gourmet hot dog and steal a smooch at the kissing booth while testing your ick-factor with extreme piercers and contortionists. Daily scheduled events turn a spotlight on the bizarre, with sword-swallowers, tarot card readers and aerial acrobats, and the Midway Stage features circus musicians, spoken-word artists and dancers that delve into the twisted depths of your imagination.

No single tent can contain the boiling chaos of a circus, and that’s where Freak Show comes in. The Swallow-a-Bicycle Performance Co-op hosts a cavalcade of Calgary’s freakiest emerging artists in an interactive tour through the bowels of the EPCOR CENTRE, from the Ledge to the Hall of Pillars.

To participate as more than an audience member, e-mail Midway’s ringmistress Kenna Burima

Show Information:

January 10 - 12: 7 pm to Midnight nightly - ADMISSION: FREE

2nd Floor, Centre Court
EPCOR CENTRE of the Performing Arts, 225-8 Avenue SE

Freak Show tours leave at 8 pm and 10 pm nightly.

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Curated by Michael Green

Managing Producer: Stephen Schroeder

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