Chris Millar - Sandwich and Burger Patch

From Calgary • At Trépanier Baer Gallery

Chris MillarGawky, prepubescent doodling meets high art. It’s love at first sight.

Chris Millar’s paintings are gestures of excess, bringing buffoonery to the fore. His massively-detailed canvases are crammed to the brim with pockets of ridiculous activity, bulging past the canvas’ edges with tiny sculptures of layered acrylic, gesturing to the pop-culture influences of comic books, rock music, Dungeons & Dragons and Where’s Waldo. The Norse god Odin versus a devil-woman “femmefisto” in a naked wrestling match… Now that, my friends, is art.

“Millar’s career has gone off like a hot little rocket. … It’s as if his brain is in overdrive and the canvas is not big enough to contain the path of his thoughts.”
- Calgary Herald

Show Information:

January 4 - 26 - Admission: FREE

Trepanier Baer Gallery: 105, 999-8 Street SW

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 11 AM to 5 PM

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Curated by Michael Green

Managing Producer: Stephen Schroeder

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