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The Auburn Saloon, Banff Wine Store, Bin 905, The Bison, BLVD, Brava, Buchanan’s Chophouse & Whisky Bar, The Calgary Foundation, The Cookbook Company Cooks, Domicile Interiors, Driving Force, First Calgary Savings, Charlotte Fredericks, Frost Fund. J. Webb Wine Merchant, Janice Beaton Fine Cheese, Greg Forrest, Sherritt Greene, Alex & Stephen Kaganov, Kensington Wine Market, Peter Kufeldt, Lisa Oldridge, Martens Group, Metro Vino, One Yellow Rabbit Board of Directors, Margaret & Michael Perlette, Nectar Desserts, Prophit Management, The Ranche, Red Tree Catering, Red Water Grille, Richmond Hill Wines, River Café, Daniel Sector Dentistry, The Ship & Anchor Pub, Sturgess Architecture, Maria Tomás, Trépannier Baer Gallery, Triumph EPCM, The Wine Cellar South


Ginty & Lorie Jocius

Bill Brooks, William McNally, Solid Woodwork Ltd.


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Curated by Michael Green

Managing Producer: Stephen Schroeder

One Yellow Rabbit are celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2008
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