Team Rodeo

HPR 08

Managing Producer - Stephen Schroeder

Curator - Michael Green

Assistant to the Curator - Renee Amber

Production Manager - Oliver Armstrong

Development Manager - Johnny Dunn

Marketing Manager - Tonya Zelinsky

Outgoing Marketing Manager - David Crosson

Rodeo Publicist - Brad Walker & Todd Hawkwood (Bottom Line Productions)

Big Secret Theatre Technical Director - Iian Dunbar

Administrative Assistant - Mark Hopkins

Box Office Manager - Danielle French

Accountant - Geoff Heal

Midway & Grandstand Curator - Kenna Burima

Advertising Sales - Nancy Jo Cullen

Front of House Supervisors - Anton deGroot & Shandra Gallant

Artistic Concept, Poster Design & Campaign - Karo Group and Michael Dangelmaier

Rodeo Guide Graphic Design - Ty Semaka

Rodeo Guide Copy Writer - Mark Hopkins

One Yellow Rabbit Board of Directors

  • Chair - Jay MacGillivray
  • Vice-chair - Lisa Oldridge
  • Treasurer - James Gottselig
  • Secretary - Mona Dallmann
  • Past Chair - Charlotte Fredericks

Co-Artistic Directors

  • Blake Brooker
  • Michael Green


  • Bill Brooks
  • Ralph Christoffersen
  • Greg Forrest
  • Eric Hobson
  • Daiva Jocius
  • Trevor McConnell

Special Thanks

Balancing Acts: Calgary’s Annual Disability Arts Festival, Stage Left Productions, Alberta Ballet, Carolyn and Bruce Arrell, Arts Without Borders Festival - Lloydminster, Banff Centre for the Arts, Franco Boni, The Theatre Centre - Toronto, Jutta Brendermühl, Goethe-Institut – Toronto, Calgary Arts Development, Calgary Economic Development Authority, Calgary Fringe Festival, CBC Radio, C-Jazz, Michael Clark, Workshop West – Edmonton, Dancers Studio West, Danse-Cité, Danse Danse, EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, Family & Friends (you know who you are), The GRAND Theatre, Kim & Maya Green, Donna Heimbecker & Janice Gladue, Juno Awards – Saskatoon Host Committee, Juno Awards – Calgary Host Committee, National Arts Centre / Scéne Quebec & English Theatre – Ottawa, Now Showing – University of Lethbridge, Office of the Governor General of Canada/Rideau Hall – Ottawa, Olympic Plaza Cultural District, Performance Creation Canada Ottawa: Art Engine, Magnetic North Festival, SAW Gallery, Playrites Festival/Alberta Theatre Projects, Push Festival – Vancouver, Ramp – Summerlad & Broken City, Maggie Schofield/Downtown Calgary, Michele Sereda, Curtain Razors – Regina, Springboard Dance/Fluid Festival, Michele Stanners, Theatre Calgary, Tooth Blackener, Tourism Calgary, Jack Udashkin, Théátre la Chapelle – Montreal, University of Calgary Students’ Union, University of Calgary Faculty of Fine Arts, Dept. of Drama, Dept. of Kinesiology, Vertigo Theatre, Sheri-D Wilson.


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Curated by Michael Green

Managing Producer: Stephen Schroeder

One Yellow Rabbit are celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2008
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