Lullaby Baxter - Garden Cities of To-morrow

From Calgary • At The Big Secret Theatre

Lullaby BaxterHeartbreak, betrayal, paranoia – and Palmolive?!

Dolores loves dirty dishes, and her husband, Morton “Showstopper” Calhoun, can’t dirty them fast enough. She solicits neighbours’ dishes, strangers’ mail-in dishes, even adopts dish-dirtying orphans to quench her domestic addiction – but is it enough? This eccentric portrait of Kansas City matrimony is built around the music of Lullaby Baxter’s two critically-acclaimed albums, Capable Egg and Garden Cities of To-morrow, with songs like Mr. Powder-Blue Breadbox and Cardboard Armoured Car

Part Threepenny Opera, part urban fable, this world-premiere musical play tosses the term ‘kitchen-sink drama’ on its ear–and fills yours with sultry-smooth folk-jazz.

"Lullaby Baxter, the cerebrally seductive Canadian chanteuse … sings sweet ‘n’ goofy songs pitched midway between insinuating nursery rhymes and a sort of off-kilter feminine sophistication”
- The Village Voice

"Lullaby Baxter: the name itself puts you in mind of colourful gardens, sweet smells, and particularly coy girls with long lashes and summer skirts. It comes as such a sweaty relief that Garden Cities of To-morrow lives up to its mother’s name. It has everything you could want.”
- tangible sounds

  • Lullaby Baxter – Dolores Calhoun
  • Bertram Havisham – Morton Calhoun
  • Lily String Quartet – The Orphans

  • Libretto: Lutwidge Sedgewick
  • Director: David van Belle
  • Lighting Design: Cimmeron Meyer
  • Set Design: Scott Carson
  • String Quartet Arrangements: Donavan Seidle

Show Information:

Tuesday, January 15 at 7:30 PM - Admission: $22

Wednesday, January 16 at 9:30 PM - Admission: $22

At The Big Secret Theatre: 2nd Floor Centre Court: 225 - 8 Ave. S.E.

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Ticketmaster (403) 299-8888

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Curated by Michael Green

Managing Producer: Stephen Schroeder

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