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What they're saying:

"Calgary is built on tall tales, and Cal Cavendish has a whopper."
- Drew Anderson, FFWD Weekly

The High Performance Rodeo presents

Buzz Job! The True Story of Cal Cavendish

David van Belle and Kris Demeanor

It was Calgary’s first oil boom and everyone was making a fortune – except folk singer Cal Cavendish. On April 11, 1975, his boomtown frustration peaked. He jumped into his single-engine plane, buzzed the Calgary Tower and dropped 100 copies of his latest record, along with 100 pounds of horse manure, onto 9th Avenue.

Now, singer-songwriters David van Belle and Kris Demeanor revive the forgotten tale of the Mad Manure Bomber with a raucous mix of new songs and Cavendish originals, topped off with a special appearance by Cal Cavendish himself!