The High Performance Rodeo presents

Buzz Job! The True Story of Cal Cavendish

David van Belle and Kris Demeanor

It was Calgary’s first oil boom and everyone was making a fortune – except folk singer Cal Cavendish. On April 11, 1975, his boomtown frustration peaked. He jumped into his single-engine plane, buzzed the Calgary Tower and dropped 100 copies of his latest record, along with 100 pounds of horse manure, onto 9th Avenue.

Now, singer-songwriters David van Belle and Kris Demeanor revive the forgotten tale of the Mad Manure Bomber with a raucous mix of new songs and Cavendish originals, topped off with a special appearance by Cal Cavendish himself!

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What they're saying:

"Calgary is built on tall tales, and Cal Cavendish has a whopper."
- Drew Anderson, FFWD Weekly