The High Performance Rodeo presents

Dedicated to the Revolutions

Small Wooden Shoe

According to Jacob Zimmer’s Grade 8 teacher, seven scientific revolutions altered the course of human history. From Gutenberg’s printing press to Al Gore’s Internet, with a dash of Newton, Darwin and nuclear physics in between, Zimmer gathered an intrepid half-dozen performers to ask the question: do scientific discoveries equal progress?

Armed with tin-can telephones, a Jenga set, a ukelele, whiteboard markers and absolutely no background in science, Small Wooden Shoe uses songs, improvisation, long-division and jump rope to explore the building blocks of modern life.

What they're saying:

"Dedicated to the Revolutions is the creative interpretation of how change occurs."
- Lia Grainger, Walrus Blogs

"Charmingly insistent on the right of non-experts and artists to grapple with what science means for how we understand the world around us."
- Nora Young, CBC’s Spark