The High Performance Rodeo presents

In Paradisum

Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie

Prepare to be astonished as one of Canada’s premier dance companies performs three stunning dances by James Kudelka, widely acknowledged as Canada’s leading ballet choreographer. Fifteen Heterosexual Duets harnesses the yin-yang energies that swirl between men and women in a wicked game of seduction and rejection. Soudain, l’hiver dernier, a haunting and delicate duet for two men, conjures the image of souls bonded by mutual alienation. Finally, the titular In Paradisum is a brilliant maelstrom of death and acceptance. Together, this breathtaking trio of dances takes an exhilarating voyage from the heights of paradise to the depths of the heart.







What they're saying:

"In Paradisum is one of the emblematic works of its day."
- Chantal Pontbriand, Dance Collection Danse Magazine