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Midway returns for a third year, transforming the Centre Court of the EPCOR CENTRE into a high-flying carnival! Embrace the glorious insanity of a fairground gone mad with some of Calgary’s most eccentric emerging artists. Amidst the madness, you’ll meet sideshow vaudevillians, shadow puppets, laptop virtuosos, Wandering Gypsies and the Cutest Kitten Ever, along with an eclectic array of indie musicians on The Hutch stage.


Daily scheduled events turn the spotlight toward “The Hutch”, curated by Jennifer Crighton, featuring a collection of emerging Calgary performers, exploring new and interactive musical terrain. Following each Hutch set, roving performers take over the Busking Stage on the ground floor.
Thursday, January 7: Chamber Pop and Beyond
7:00-7:40: Heartstrings, by Clea Anaïs
8:00-8:40: The Mes, The Mys, And the Swimming Pool, by FOONYAP and the Roar
9:00-9:45: An Interpretation of Shostakovich's Symphony No. 8, by Dillon Whitfield, Mike Paulson and Mark Schmidt
Friday, January 8: Music of the Future
7:00-7:40: Joy Liturgy, by Jordan Klassen
8:00-8:40: ALE (Alberta Laptop Ensemble)
9:00-9:45: No Woman No Nebulon; The Intergalactic Space Feast, by Lung Puma! Animal Skulls
Saturday, January 9: Rock Operathon
7:00-7:40: Sweeping the Alleyway, by Markus Overland and Lucid 44
8:00-8:40: Haggard Beat Opera, by The Haggard Beat
9:00-9:45: Cutest Kitten Ever, by Kris Demeanor, Jamie Konchak, Allison Lynch, Patrick Close and Cinnamon Anderson

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