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This is My City, This is Your City: Symposium

The City of Calgary

Part of the This is My City initiatve

Can the arts be used to address social justice? Over the past year, as part of the This is My City project, a team of artist-mentors have worked to engage homeless citizens in art-making. This seminar, which concludes the year-long project, will showcase the participants' shared experiences and explore the intersection of poverty and creativity as a tool for social change.

With workshops, performances and panel discussions, This is My City, This is Your City will be a unique opportunity to engage with some of Calgary's most overlooked citizens and to discover the power of art-making to change lives.

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This is My City was a twelve month long project initiated by the City of Calgary's Arts & Culture division to facilitate the engagement of homeless citizens in art making. Starting in January 2009, members of the homeless community were provided the opportunity to work with artist mentors to develop their creative voices for expression, public advocacy, and dialogue. The multidisciplinary program included poetry, performance, personal narrative, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and video production. This is My City does not pretend to be a solution to the homeless crisis. Rather, the project intended to enable homeless citizens the chance to speak on their own behalf.

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What they're saying:

"This is My City is about raising awareness and understanding of those who are homeless, and giving them a voice."
- Alderman Brian Pincott