The High Performance Rodeo presents

White Cabin

AKHE Theatre

Rope, chewing gum, wine bottles and miles of newspaper: in the hands of AKHE, pioneers of Russian Engineering Theatre, these are the building blocks of a living dreamscape where a trio of vagabonds cavort through a series of absurd and visually stunning vignettes.

By the end, as the air swims with dry ice, confetti, shafts of refracted light and the vapours of spilled wine, your mind will be permanently etched with images of Russian icons, silent films and acrobatic chaos. Don’t worry: whatever you think it’s about, no matter how far-fetched, is entirely correct.

"Akhe is indisputably Russia's leading experimental theatre company, and they tour continuously - all over the world. It has taken us five years to get these amazing artists to Canada, and their Calgary performances are part of a tour that will take them from the Rodeo to festivals in Vancouver and Quebec City.

"This St. Petersburg ensemble's work is a highly virtuosic hybrid of media manipulation, animated object work and physical theatre - all presented with a painterly aesthetic that we simply never see in our own culture. This is a show you will be talking about for many, many years to come."

- Michael Green, High Performance Rodeo Curator


What they're saying:

"Dizzying, dense and immensely satisfying."
- Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"Its theatrical boldness, comic invention and painterly beauty make it truly remarkable."
- Fintan O'Toole, The Irish Times