High Performance Rodeo, Calgary Folk Music Festival, Tooth Blackner Presents and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra present

Acres of Dreams

Whether by horse or train, car or plane, the modern history of Alberta was built by immigrants willing to brave the desolation of a prairie winter for the promise of “acres of dreams”.

In this world premiere event, four of the province’s most talented singer-songwriters – Kris Demeanor, James Keelaghan, Wendy McNeill and Edmonton’s poet laureate Cadence Weapon – join forces with Emmy Award-winning arranger Dave Pierce and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to craft a powerful tale of immigration in the Canadian West.

One night only!

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Music from Acres of Dreams:

Enjoy these rough mixes of songs by each of the participating singer-songwriters. Please note that the orchestration is electronic - the real orchestra will sound even better!

Kris Demeanor - Deerfoot

"The Blackfoot runner after whom Deerfoot Trail was named exacts revenge from the grave on the colonists who exploited him."

James Keelaghan - Sweet Grass Moon

"I wrote this the first time i moved away from Calgary, to remind me of where i was from."

Wendy McNeill - Owl and Boy

"In this song, a troubled 8 year old boy (one of more than 100,000 British children sent to Canada between 1869 and 1939) gets some good advice and consolation from a new feathered friend."

Wendy McNeill - Strangest Weeds

Cadence Weapon - One Pound One

"One Pound One (Hudson’s Bay) is a timpani-based club anthem based on the legend of John Rowand, a chief trader for the Hudson’s Bay Company and proprietor of Fort Edmonton."

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Acres of Dreams podcast:

Listen to an interview with Acres of Dreams artistic director and musician, Kris Demeanor:


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