High Performance Rodeo presents

BASH'd: A Gay Rap Opera

Craddock and Cuckow

All you real faggots, pump your wrists in the air,
Don’t be straight, give a wave like you just don’t care!

Does “gay rapper” sound like an oxymoron? Brace yourself, breeder – Feminem and T-Bag are bringing the heat to homophobia with queer-loving rhymes. They spin the story of Dylan and Jack, a small-town fag and an urban queen who find big-city matrimonial bliss. It’s all “happily ever after” until a brutal gay-bashing turns true love to tragedy… and they decide to bash back.

Since its Rodeo appearance in 2008, BASH’d has raised the roof Off-Broadway, appeared on FOX News and garnered a stack of awards across North America. Now the BASH’d boys are back, putting the “homo” in homie with their trash-talkin’ tale of star-crossed Romeos.

What they're saying:

"BASH’d is, in all senses, a deeply moving shout-out."
- Village Voice

"This dazzling and original show stands out as an evocation of the gay experience, all its joys and sorrows, and it does so with a confidence and commitment that is beyond impressive."
- Gay City News

"BASH’d is a masterpiece. The rap poetry is alternately sexy, angry, exciting and devastating, and the subject of anti-gay violence is handled in a deeply affecting yet non-sensational way."
- AfterElton.com