Eno Paintings
Glenbow Museum presents

77 Million Paintings

Brian Eno


Brian Eno may be best known as a musician and composer, but he also inhabits the art world's cutting edge, creating immersive installations that mix sight and sound.

Conceived as "visual music," 77 Million Paintings is a constantly evolving sound and imagescape. The visuals are "generative", a technique where the artist establishes specific parameters for the artwork, then lets a computer arrange the pieces. The work's ambient music track is assembled like the paintings: layers of sound interwoven to create a complete piece.

Special Offer: Add $10 to your ticket for Brian Eno: An Illustrated Talk and receive admission for 77 Million Paintings.

What they're saying:

"Brian Eno paints with light. And his paintings, like the medium, shift and dance like free-flowing jazz solos or elaborate ragas."
- Dustin Driver, apple.com