Axis Contemporary Art presents

Prom Storm

Kirsten Johnson


Teenagers at a prom. In a tornado.

As a painter, Kirsten Johnson has exhibited across North America, Europe, Australia and Japan with works like Catfight, a series that pits stewardesses, nurses and geishas against each other in vicious battle. As an actor, Johnson has worked with the experimental DNA Theatre and appeared in films like David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ.

Johnson’s paintings bridge the gap between art and performance, bringing canvases to life with vibrant characters. In her new series of paintings and video, the tumultuousness of youth collides with the tumultuousness of the weather: Prom Storm.

Opening reception with the artist:
Wednesday, January 19, 5:00-8:00 pm

What they're saying:

"The Toronto artist brings out a decidedly mature depth in her young models, without losing the innocence or joie de vivre of childhood. The combination is compelling”."
- Peter Simpson, Ottawa Citizen