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One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre

“I’m just trying to teach him how to catch a football – he either can’t or he doesn’t want to. But that’s OK. That’s OK.”

Mother. Father. Son. There’s nothing simpler – but when you knock down the white picket fence, out spills a neurotic bundle of block parties and family secrets. Tumble back to the 1950s with One Yellow Rabbit, and experience Denise Clarke’s hilarious vision of family dysfunction.

Inspired by the classic 1952 film, The Member of the Wedding, SMASH CUT FREEZE is performed in glorious black-and-white by One Yellow Rabbit’s Denise Clarke and Andy Curtis with guest artist Christopher Duthie.

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What they're saying:

"It is the way she integrates these two worlds - dance and theatre - that make Denise Clarke such a powerful, unique performing artist."
- The Dance Current