High Performance Rodeo presents

sound machine - a theatrical concert

Compagnie Drift

What does the rose whisper when the sun comes up? When a fly bumps into a burning-hot lightbulb, how does it scream? How can the inaudible be made… audible?

To answer these impossible questions, three eccentric researchers have invented a “sound machine” that can hear the whispers of a ripening tomato and the love songs of a dead fish. This offbeat multimedia performance by the acclaimed Swiss ensemble, Compagnie Drift, is a quirky mix of dance-theatre and science experiment, dabbling in Dadaist absurdity as it explores the farthest reaches of human curiosity.

What they're saying:

"Laugh-out-loud hilarious and endlessly inventive. Compagnie Drift‘s work blurs the borders between dance, theater and music."
- The San Diego Union Tribune