High Performance Rodeo and Theatre Junction GRAND present

L'Orchestre d'Hommes-Orchestres Performs Tom Waits

In this powerful tribute to the world of Waits, six frenzied musicians use nearly 100 objects and invented instruments to create madcap scenes of unbridled energy. Using everything and nothing to make music – from teacups to turkey-basters – the group finds offbeat solutions to reinvent virtuosity.

Quebec City’s L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres (translation: The One Man Band-Band) transforms the music concert genre with raw vigor and captivating stage presence to create music that can be seen. And believe us, you’ve never seen Tom Waits performed like this.

Tickets available from Theatre Junction GRAND. Visit www.theatrejunction.com or call 403.205.2922 x 1.



What they're saying:

"A grandiose spectacle of audacity and multidisciplinary magic."
- Voir Estrie