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This Is My City

The intersection of poverty and creativity is a powerful tool for social change. This Is My City is an initiative that provides art-making opportunities to Calgary’s homeless community and celebrates the vibrant diversity of our city.

This series of lunchtime events, part of the ProArts Society's ProArts@Noon Series, are a showcase of artistic collaborations between members of the homeless community and local Calgary artists. Each week presents a different program, including music, film, performance, visual arts and a panel discussion.

IN/Visible #1: Music and Spoken Word

A DI Wedding – The Musical
Performed by The Drop In Centre Singers

A story of love lost on the seedier side of the street, A DI Wedding - the Musical is a street-wise musical of lovin’ and livin’ in a homeless shelter. This vibrant and unique event features original music by the DI Singers, who make sweet music every Monday evening at the Calgary Drop In and Rehab Centre alongside musicians and vocalists from the Calgary community.

Zaccheus Jackson (Vancouver)

Born in southern Alberta, Zaccheus Jackson experienced homelessness on the streets of Calgary and Vancouver. Having battled through addiction and apathy, Zaccheus is now an accomplished slam poet, having twice competed at the Individual World Poetry Slam. Zaccheus’ rapid-fire delivery, gritty street tales, intricate rhyme patterns and social criticism will leave you counting syllables in your sleep.

IN/Visible #2: Theatre

The Opposite of Dismal: A show and tell
Performed by the Mustard Seed Drama Club (in collaboration with Verb Theatre and the PBC Collective)

“To be honest is original enough.” - Keith Johnstone

Working with a group of professional theatre artists, the Mustard Seed Drama Club explored the question "What is the best...?" The result is a performance of unique stories and photos of all the best things past, present and future. Since 2008, the Mustard Seed Drama Club has provided opportunities for members of the homeless community to experiment with the dramatic arts and share their unique perspective with the rest of Calgary.

An Aboriginal Perspective

Produced by All Nations Theatre

All Nations Theatre is a Calgary-based company whose mandate is to work with communities using interactive theatre and drama to promote positive social change. Their projects are based directly on community need.

IN/Visible #3: Panel Discussion

A panel of community members and artists discuss the value and purpose of using the arts as a way to connect with community.


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What they're saying:

"Watching events such as [This Is My City], it's impossible not to believe that, even if there's no actual vitamins in art, there's something about creating it that is nourishing for all the participants involved."
- Stephen Hunt, The Calgary Herald