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Another Day in America

Laurie Anderson

Tickets for Another Day in America are now available through Theatre Junction GRAND or by calling 403 205-2922

"Politicians are essentially storytellers. They describe the world as it is and also as they think it should be. As a fellow storyteller, it seems like a really good time to think about how words can literally create a world."

Politics, desire, portraits of cities and people combine with Anderson's hallucinatory use of language to make up an epic description of America's volatile landscape.

This evening will include solo violin pieces, such as the Grammy-nominated "Flow" from Homeland, mixed with fuller electronic soundscapes to create an intimate look into the songwriting style that has made Anderson one of America's most original songwriters.

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What they're saying:

"Laurie Anderson is a singer-songwriter of crushing poignance, a minimalist painter of melancholy moods who addresses universal themes in the vernacular of the commonplace."
- Rolling Stone

"...a complete and stunning musical work"
- Richard Lam, FFWD

"eloquently spoken tangents"
- Richard Lam, FFWD