The High Performance Rodeo presents

Cantos Interactive Performance Tour

Laurie Anderson

High Performance Rodeo is pleased to announce five new spaces have been added to the Cantos Interactive Performance Tour. This is your last chance to enjoy what is promising to be a truly amazing event.

From the outside, it’s an innocuous 11th Avenue building. Inside, the Cantos Music Foundation is a music lover’s dreamscape. Its halls contain a one-of-a-kind Johannes Couchet harpsichord from 1679, a Kimball Theatre Organ from 1924, a Beatles-style Mellotron, Elton John’s songwriting piano, a keyboard-controlled analogue synthesizer used to score Apocalypse Now and 200-odd other pieces of music history.

We’re setting Laurie Anderson loose in Cantos, and inviting fifteen people to join her for an interactive dialogue as she explores a treasure trove of world instruments.

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