The High Performance Rodeo presents

Only Love Knows Love

David Rhymer and Onalea Gilbertson

David Rhymer's musical work would not be considered traditional, by any stretch.

A multi-award winning writer and composer, he creates strange pastiches that integrate text and music in novel ways. He has written, composed or co-created stage works that have toured nationally and internationally, working with such companies as Ghost River Theatre, One Yellow Rabbit and Alberta Theatre Projects.

In this intimate salon of theatre songs, Rhymer teams up with dynamic cabaret chanteuse Onalea Gilbertson to perform a gallery of songs from his 30 years of theatrical composition, including selections from Mata Hari: Tigress at the City Gate, Wreck Beach, Why Freud Fainted and the hallucinogenic oratorio on the Beat Generation, Dream Machine.

What they're saying:

"His highly original arrhythmic songs play on the frontier between the recognizable and the strange."
- Edmonton Journal

"…virtually unclassifiable- a mesmerizing lyricism underlies his music."
- Vancouver Georgia Straight