The High Performance Rodeo presents

The Eviction of Stuart Block

This Is My CIty

On 7th Avenue SW, off the C-Train tracks, sits a century-old building known as the Stuart Block. Over the years, it's been home to the most eclectic gathering of Calgarians imaginable... but now, it sits empty.

Returning to the High Performance Rodeo, This Is My City unites a collective of professional artists and homeless Calgarians to explore a hundred years of evictions in this new, live radio play.

Listen to the stories of Stuart Block residents experiencing the last few minutes in their homes before being evicted, celebrating their time in the space and mourning its loss. This unique creation explores the timeless theme of house and home, through comedy, drama and music.

The Eviction of Stuart Block is part of the This Is My City Festival.

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What they're saying:

"Giving voice to those who are most often silenced, or simply silent, is a driving force behind [This Is My City]."
- Jessica deMello