Zachary Oberzan in Your brother. Remember?
The High Performance Rodeo presents

Your brother. Remember?

Zachary Oberzan

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As kids in rural America, Zachary Oberzan and his older brother Gator loved making parodies of their favourite films - especially the films of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Then, twenty years passed. One brother became an actor, and the other self-destructed. After two decades of emotional and physical wear & tear, Zack returned to his childhood home to re-create those films, shot for shot, as precisely as possible... and maybe give these brothers one last title shot at redemption.

What they're saying:

"The way Oberzan uses a personal story as an impetus to call up the human condition so striking makes Your Brother, Remember? a little masterpiece. "
- Vlaams Theater Instituut

"(Oberzan) has a powerful stage presence that lifts the performance to a higher level. "
- NRC HANDELSBLAD (Netherlands)