One Yellow Rabbit presents


Freya Björg Olafson

“I post therefore I am.”

On the internet, power users legitimize their existence by documenting their lives and uploading this media to websites, blogs and social media. They use technology to create, validate and disseminate their identities.

In this bold duet with technology, live dance meets online ambiguity. Marrying the immediacy of contemporary dance with the virtual distance of online social networks, AVATAR is a cross-disciplinary hub for experimentation and inquiry, where Freya Björg Olafson moves intimately through software, opening and closing files on her personal computer, manipulating and broadcasting herself as a new persona.

"A figure emerges from behind a white screen, enters the stage. She sits at her laptop, adjusts her webcam, hides apologetically behind greasy hair. Multiplies infinitely on screen and invites the audience to 'view photos of Freya'. Channels pre-recorded voices, contorts her age. Disembodies her gender. Reincarnates YouTube videos of others, populates them, live on stage. Strips. Paints her body away with Chroma key blue. Returns to the floor and puts her best face forward. Generates himself, so grateful for her subscribers' attention."

- Kendra Ballingall, critical response MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women Art)


What they're saying:

"... like a self-made myth out of a Guy Maddin movie."
- Winnipeg Free Press

"Olafson transforms from a lonely Friday-night vlogger to a ghoulish, empty eye-socketed figure that's a cross between a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and a drag queen from hell."
- Uptown Magazine

"Olafson is a pioneer in our country's dance community."
- The Dance Current

"Olafson is one of Winnipeg’s most boldly interdisciplinary artists."
- Winnipeg Free Press