One Yellow Rabbit presents

Look Mummy, I'm Dancing


The story of someone who is ‘different’, yet still struggles to ‘belong’.

A transsexual woman slowly but resolutely peels off her sixty-year-old skin until we find ourselves face to face with the reverse side of her soul. This monologue is a confrontational and moving lament on one person’s struggle for simple happiness and it leaves a lasting impression.

Belgian artist Vanessa Van Durme, born a boy in 1948, talks with surprising honesty about her sex change in an attempt to break down the public’s prejudice, demonstrating that people who are different are also people.

Look Mummy, I’m Dancing is the stage version of Vanessa’s autobiography of the same name. It has been performed in four languages all over Europe and America.

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What they're saying:

"Van Durme’s performance and skill as an actor is phenomenal."
- same same (Australia)