The High Performance Rodeo presents

People You May Know

One Yellow Rabbit

Always pushing the boundaries, Calgary’s favourite theatre ensemble premieres their latest creation, a layered razor-sharp romp with multi-media.

People You May Know is a comedy entangling people on both sides of a financial scheme gone badly awry. Utilizing simple digital effects with basic photo software, One Yellow Rabbit creates a projected community of characters using three performers. Performances are live, the slightly digitized characters are projected above, resulting in a digital puppet chorus: victims and villains, the venal and the virtuous.

Directed by Blake Brooker, People You May Know stars Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis and David Rhymer. Their characters are recognizable; they could live next door, work at your bank, or sit next to you on the train. You could be with them in a store, on the street; they could be stopped beside you at a red light. They could be People You May Know.

Click here for a snapshot of the characters Janet Lynn and Bill


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What they're saying:

"OYR is the company that gives Calgary’s arts scene an experimental edge."
- The Globe and Mail

"Everything theatre should be: daring, dangerous and disturbing."
- Toronto Star