One Yellow Rabbit presents

Ride The Cyclone

Atomic Vaudeville


The members of a teenage chamber choir from Uranium, Saskatchewan die tragically in a roller coaster accident at a traveling fair - but that's not the end of their story.

Karnack, a mechanized fortune-telling machine, feels responsible for the young choir’s demise and gives the teens a chance to express themselves to the world after death. Ride the Cyclone is their final recital, where they celebrate their individuality while coming to terms with their untimely demise.

This comic assault on your senses is more than a musical. it’s a unique theatrical insight into the angst of a new generation.



What they're saying:

"Stop waiting for the next big thing, because it’s finally here. Ride the Cyclone is not only as good as all the hype, but it’s the most awe-inspiring, truly entertaining, heart-tugging, toe-tapping musical I’ve seen in years."
- Toronto Star

"Skip the ring toss and the deep-fried butter, and get in line now for this roller coaster of a show."
- Torontoist

"Cross Glee with a freak show and what do you get? Ride the Cyclone, probably the most uproarious and outrageous piece of musical theatre Canada has ever produced."
- The Globe & Mail

"A work of genius that defies description."
- Vancouver Sun

"A work of genius that defies description."
- Vancouver Sun

"If your taste inclines toward the weird and wonderful, don’t miss it."
- Now Magazine