One Yellow Rabbit presents

The Dybbuk

La Caravan Dance Theatre

A hypnotic journey of love, obsession and surrender.

A Dybbuk in Hebrew means “glue”, “attachment” or “clinging”. It is a spirit that possesses a human being.

This performance is an adaptation of S. Ansky’s 19th century folk legend, “The Dybbuk.” A woman is given as a bride by her father to an older wealthy business man, and her young true love dies suddenly of a broken heart when he receives this news. On her wedding day, his spirit enters her body to reclaim her. She is empowered by his love to voice her truth and say ‘no’ to family and society’s traditions. This dance opera expresses the themes, emotions and the struggle between the earthly plane and the various spirit realms of the story.

This production illustrates the importance of transcending our belief systems and revealing what is left beyond the body and beyond our thoughts. Incorporating interactive media projection, contemporary dance fused with the technical grace of ballet, and opera in an immensely theatrical presentation


What they're saying:

"Choreographer Maya Lewandowsky may be Calgary’s answer to Marie Chouinard"
- The Calgary Herald

"Ballet met rave met faux fashion-show grit in Maya Lewandowsky’s risky creation."
- FFWD Weekly

"An outrageously accessible yet avant-garde troupe. Israeli-born artistic director Maya Lewandowsky blends the technical grace of ballet with the physically pummelling crashes of La La La Human Steps and the theatrical costumes of Cirque."
- The Georgia Straight